How to Organize Your Mind…

suggestions to declutter your mind and keep yourself on track to productivity.
Seek the challenge- find something you enjoy, that’s stimulating but that isn’t so difficult that it precipitates frustration or anxious feelings.
Learn to control your emotions-control how you react to situations. You cannot control your feelings in regard to something that happens but you can control how you react. Undealt with emotions can have a tremendous affect on us in all aspects of life causing stress, burn out and lack of focus. All of these reactions to our emotions can lead to a decline in our productivity at some point.
Maintain focus-work at focusing on the task for at least 20 minutes until you’ve created a “flow and focus.” Turn other electronic devices off. Step away from social media and shut the door to your office so you can concentrate on your project.
Take rest breaks- have you hit a wall? Reached a dead end in your thoughts? Its time for a break. Get lunch, walk the dog or call a friend. Separate yourself from the project or task and then return feeling refreshed and ready to continue.


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