Here are some ideas for making the process a little easier!
DISCARD items you don’t need BEFORE you move. Don’t drag unneeded, unused, broken or old items you no longer use along with you to your new home. I can’t tell you how many people have told me how much they regret lugging unpacked boxes they haven’t even looked through from previous moves to their new space. Can you imagine? Moving the things we don’t need just creates more work and stress on the back end.
COLOR CODE your boxes with colored tape. Use a different color tape for each room. This way, whoever is assisting you with your move will know exactly where to put the boxes. Label each box with the contents such as, blender, toaster and knife set. Labeling limits confusion and questioning where your items are located. Once again, we see the benefit of doing a little extra foot work before the move. This way, you don’t end up with a big pile of unknown boxes to sort through.
Cover your “closet clothing” with GARBAGE BAGS. Keep clothing on their hangers and pull the bags over the items from the bottom. Tie the bags closed around the hook of the hanger. Simply remove the bags and hang the clothing right in the closet. And don’t forget to label the garbage bags so you know what closet the clothes should go to.
Moving is expensive! Want to save a little CASH? Go to your nearest grocery store and ask if they have any empty boxes they plan to throw away. I’ve never purchased boxes for any of the 4 moves I have made in my adult life. Call ahead and ask to speak with the manager. You can even request they save boxes for you during their next shipment of inventory.
Finally, use your TRAVEL LUGGAGE to transport items such as books, linens or clothing. It’s cheap and easy!
Happy Moving!


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