Organizing your mind

I think that can be one of the trickiest things to keep in order…at least for me. When we are bombarded on a daily basis with tasks, obligations, schedules, meetings and just managing life in general, our minds become flooded. How do we keep it all straight? Here are a few helpful tips that I use.
MAINTAIN FOCUS. Take time to settle yourself down before beginning a difficult or time consuming task. Practice deep breathing, listen to a song or two or say a prayer for help to focus. Then begin. Allow your self 15-20 minutes to get immersed in the project. If you need to, set a timer for 30 minutes and work until the time frame is up. Keep adding time. Work for an hour and then 2…
TAKE A BREAK. Work for as long a period of time as you can tolerate then it’s break time. Take the dog for a walk, take a 10 minute power nap, get a cup of coffee or make a phone call. I think theres benefit in disengaging from the task for a time. Recharge!
CHALLENGE YOURSELF. Do you feel well utilized in your position? Could you be more productive if you were challenged differently or more? If not, perhaps it’s time to speak with the powers that be at your place of employment. Maybe you need to consider what steps need to be taken in order to advance yourself or your skill set.
AVOID ACTING OUT OF EMOTION. Don’t make decisions based on pure emotion. Acting on impulse or emotion often lead to bad outcomes. Wait to make an important decision and take time to ponder the options. Avoid making a decision when your angry, bored, lonely or tired.
No doubt, a disorganized mind leads to feelings of stress, negativity, boredom, health issues and fatigue. Don’t let these types of thoughts rule your mind or dictate your actions at work or in your personal life. Take action and utilize these tips to decrease the chaos in your brain and life.


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