Getting out the door…

A few quick “how to’s” on getting out the door promptly!
Select your outfit the night before. Set aside the ENITRE outfit include shoes and accessories. This is a major time savor for those who struggle with choosing just the right thing to wear and cuts out any major decision making when pressed for time.
Prep and set the coffee maker on a timer the night before. This way, you press a button and coffee is ready in a matter of minutes.
Similarly, if you pack lunch and take it to work or school, pack it the night before. This will take off at least 10 minutes your morning routine.
Store items that need to go with you the next day by the door. Purses, shoes, kids projects or returns you need to make at the mall. This cuts out the time it takes to search for the items when youre trying to leave the house quickly.
Teach your children how to get themselves ready to go to school. This includes dressing themselves, brushing their teeth and even getting their own breakfast. Yes it is possible to teach your kids these tasks. It not only helps reduce the amount of responsibility you have to prep your kids to leave the home, it also helps them to be more independent and take ownership of themselves.

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