How to clean hardwood floors

I LOVE cleaning just about anything and…like anything else, I suggest setting a schedule for cleaning your hardwood flooring. Hardwood can last for many many years when well taken care of. Plan to dust or sweep floors 2x weekly with a microfiber dusting mop. The microfiber is soft and pulls dust and dirt to itself. Check the packaging, but most of the microfiber material mops can be put in the washing machine for cleaning. Avoid using a vacuum on hardwood unless you are using the detachable piece in corners or hard to reach areas.

Use a gentle and natural hardwood floor cleaner 1x weekly to keep the floors looking sparkly and clean. Do not use vinegar or soap which can be harsh and create a streaky sheen. These products may even strip the floor of its texture over time.
Once a month, plan to polish your floor. Check your local hardware or supply store for rental of a polishing machine or see if you can borrow one from a friend. A deep clean can help keep flooring looking like the day it was installed!

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