A happy kitchen

I don’t know about you but I truly believe the kitchen IS the heart of the home. Its often the happiest place because lets face it, we all love what comes out of the kitchen…FOOD! Ok… and maybe some good red wine too 😊. So how do we create a happy kitchen? Well there’s a few things. Easy access to those commonly used items is very important. Spices, oils and utensils should be placed close to the stove. If you enjoy baking and do it frequently, keep baking essentials where there is the most counter space. Utilize open shelving for these items as well if you prefer not having things sitting on the counter. When using open shelving or cabinets, make sure to keep items commonly used on low shelves. Place decorative items or less frequently used items on higher shelves.
Are you a coffee lover? Perhaps you have several members of the family who enjoy it. Create a coffee bar that’s separate from the rest of the kitchen. Use a small decorative table with some shelving built in or a portable island to store everything you need. Organize sugar, creamer and spoons in a tray on top. In larger homes, a butlers pantry is a great spot to store a coffee maker, expresso machine, K cups and whatever else you need to make a great cup.
If you have kiddos, create a kid friendly shelf in the pantry just for them. Include snacks, beverages, plastic cups, straws and plates. Having accessibility to the things they like creates more independence and responsibility. Place small Ziploc bags or plastic containers on the shelf for storing leftover snacks or dinner. Encourage your kids to be self-sufficient!
Keep things clean and simple. Avoid over cluttering your counter top with too many items, especially items youre not using regularly. Wipe counter tops throughout the day and keep mail and clutter off the main areas where food is prepared. Find ways to bring cheer to the space. Keep fresh flowers or greenery on the table or island and perhaps a fresh smelling candle. These small touches welcome your family and make youre kitchen a HAPPY and ORGANIZED place to be.


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