How to Recycle Used or Unwanted Electronics


This is a question I get all the time. What do we do with those old computer monitors, printers, TVs and any number of other old gadgety things?? There are no laws around how to properly recycle these items but there are several locations that can help you dispose of your electronics. Best Buy is a drop off location. Take your items to the service desk but do not expect a tax write off when dropping your items here. Best Buy is not a charity and there may even be a fee applied for items such as TVs or computer monitors. Staples will allow you to bring unwanted computer printers in exchange for 50$ toward the purchase of a new printer. That’s not a bad deal!
Apple offers a recycling program for iphones, ipads and apple watches. You can earn anywhere from 35$ up to 315$ depending on the age and ware of the item. Sometimes it may be worth selling the items you have on your own on websites like eBay or DeClutter. However, if the equipment you have is no longer usable, Apple stores will dispose of the item properly at no charge.
Cell phones for Soldiers will take cell phones in any condition and sell them to a recycling or refurbishing company and the proceeds will go to the purchase of phone cards for soldiers who are overseas.
Donation centers such as Goodwill and Salvation Army will take electronics that are in good working order even if they are out dated.
Check your local paper for government or county run drop offs. Many counties offer a quarterly drop off for electronic item disposal. These events are typically free of charge and popular so get there early!


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