Letting go of the Sentimental

Gosh its hard isn’t it? Those dishes your grandmother passed down that you NEVER use and don’t even like that much but somehow feel responsible to hang on to. How about all your daughters art projects and A+ papers that are sitting on the dining room table collecting, well lets face it, dust. But they are all such works of art!
Here are a few quick tips on how to part with some of the sentimental things in life. Because in all honesty, it’s the ties we have to these items that were of importance to someone else in our family or perhaps that we feel responsible for that keep us stuck. I’ve met people who have been suffering from the disease of sentimentality for many years and truly are paralyzed. It doesn’t have to be that way. Im not suggesting the process of making the decision to part with items you feel an attachment to or responsibility for is easy. But I do believe that it becomes less daunting after we make a decision to start the detachment process and begin to de clutter our environment. We need to be proactive in setting priorities for our lives and how we want to live them in a healthy and well functioning way. Often that means reducing what we have, creating more space in our homes and our brains and allowing a process of reprogramming occur.
Give sentimental items to friends or someone who needs what you have and aren’t using. It truly will make you feel good knowing your item is living on, just not in your home any longer.
Donate! I cant stress this enough! How awesome to give to someone who cant afford to buy a new coffee maker or set of wine glasses.
I like this one…have a trash ceremony. Perhaps you’ve recently parted ways with a significant other and you have way too much of their old this’es and that’s. Burn them! That’s right! Build a fire (safely, and with a fire extinguisher near by) and watch it go! End that chapter of your life officially, declare that ending with a ceremony and celebrate! Moving on and up!

“Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power then defending or hanging on”
Eckhart Tolle


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