Relaxation…how do I that??

Deep breathing. Slowly take large, inhaled breaths through your nose. Slowly exhale your breaths through your mouth. Repeat up to 5 times or as needed to calm your breathing, heart rate or both.
Play soothing, soft music while resting in supine position.
Take a warm bubble bath. Use natural essential oils or bath salts to relax your body and any tension in your muscles.
Practice mindfulness. Close your eyes. Focus on what is happening in the moment as you quiet your mind and spirit. Allow your attention only to focus on the present.
Journal. Pour your mind out on paper. This is especially helpful in the midst of chaos or a particularly emotional or trying life situation.
Reflect. Take time to be grateful and kind. Express thankfulness to those you love, to God and to yourself.
Get a massage. No one argues with that suggestion!
Organize your space and keep the clutter away. An organized space helps promote calm, more creativity and a general sense of well being.
Pet an animal.
Talk with a trusted friend.
Exercise AND just as important if not more, eat well. This is really key when it comes to brain health and function.

“The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.”
Sakyong Mipham



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