Im a professional organizer….I love my work and my clients….

Just a little about me… Ive been organizing for about 12 years and it is a true passion of mine. Im passionate about helping people get organized and even more then that, to feel more restful and less chaotic in their space. I really like helping people create function and order and hopefully learn ways to manage their environment with a new and healthy approach.
Like some of you, I was diagnosed at a young age with ADD. And while I do not struggle with hyperactive attention deficit disorder, I understand other aspects of the struggle such as distractibility, difficulty concentrating and at times, trouble with recall of conversations. However, I didn’t let any of that get in my way. In fact, knowledge of my own ADD has made me work that much harder against the patterns. I feel this gives me an advantage in helping my clients because I do understand the struggle. Over the years, Ive learned what works for me so I know that what Ive learned will also work for you. In fact, Ive gotten it down to a real science! I like to share what Ive experienced, learned and have had victory over with others with the hope that it helps.


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