home staging is simple…


First off, declutter. Make sure every space in you home has been cleared of trash, piles of clutter and any other “eyesores”. Picture yourself walking through someone else’s home. What types of things would you NOT want to see? Apply that to your space.
Clean it! Every inch of your home should sparkle. If you can’t clean your space adequately or don’t have the time, hire a cleaning company for deep cleaning. Plan to scrub base boards, dust blinds and vacuum those hard to reach corners. Have carpets professionally cleaned if you plan not to replace them. Have someone who does not live in your home do the “smell test” to identify any pet odors or other distracting smells.
After removing pictures or wall hangings, plan to patch picture hook holes with putty, sand them down until smooth and then apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Select paint that is neutral in color such as an off white, gray or beige. Have a friend help you select the right color for your space.
Showcase the space. When a potential buyer looks at your home, be sure to show off the amazing closet space, high quality cabinets, granite counter top and the beautiful hard wood floors. Remove personal items and pictures that could be a distraction to a potential buyer. It is true that some people cannot see past the personal to what the space is actually offering.
Call me, Kirsten Gross Professional Organizer to help you stage your home and increase the value and sale price for the home you need to sell!




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