Crafty much?? How to organize that all encompassing craft room…

How many of us ladies love our crafts? Don’t deny you love to go in that craft room, shut the world off and create your master piece. BUT when your craft room is a chaotic mess and you cant find your shearing scissors or felt tip markers you may just want to turn around and walk out. So use these quick organizing tips to create a functional and zenful craft space.

Start off by pairing down unneeded items. Toss old worn out items, pieces of scrap papers or old sample fabrics that are no longer in style. Really be honest with yourself. This is a time to get rid of the old and make room for the new. Think about how you want to use the space for storing the projects you really want to do and have time to do. Choose one or two craft areas to focus on. This will limit the amount of items you need to purchase and store.
Separate your supplies. Place pens, pencils or markers in cute patterned containers. Look for attractive storage options for larger craft items at your local Home Goods, craft store or even at thrift shops. Be sure craft boxes will stack on each other for easy and room saving storage. Label the boxes with bold font so you can quickly and easily find what you need.
Use a rolling cart to store items. Roll the cart into other rooms as needed or stow it in a closet when guests come to visit.
Leave empty space for new projects. Avoid filling open shelves or closet areas. Maintaining open space will allow your mind to begin envisioning whats next in terms of new and exciting projects.
Keep an inventory. Have an updated list of all your crafty products handy. Refer to your list to determine how many items you currently have and what you may need to restock to complete a project.
Keep a tidy space. You may need to leave an unfinished project sitting out in your work space but be sure to put other items away after using them. This will help you maintain a chaos free environment. It saves time and effort for the next crafting session and allows you to get right to work rather then having to spend several minutes searching for what you need to begin.



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