Kitchen Staging

Selling your home? Its time to depersonalize your space. When selling a home, the object is to create an environment that a potential buyer can picture themselves in. This requires removing personalized items such as cute refrigerator magnets, pictures of the kids at camp, your dogs water bowl and your display of spices that sit on the counter top.
Clean! Do a deep cleaning of all the cabinets, back splash, counter tops, base boards, sink, stove and fridge and anything else that you can see in the space. Make it shine! Replace dated, old or broken cabinet pulls or handles for a fresher look.
Be sure the counter tops are clear of other items too and leave a simple vase of flowers on display and a bowl of fruit or a small candle.
Clear drawers and cabinets of items you don’t need to use. Pack rarely used items away. You want your buyers to see the space in the drawer, not your stuff.
Take a good look at the appliances. Are they dated? Barely functioning? Replace them. A kitchen often sells a home. Potential buyers like new or gently used appliances.
Organize the pantry. Toss old or expired food and bulk items to create more open space. Again, its all about letting those potential buyers see how big that pantry is!
Remove trash cans from the kitchen altogether and out of sight from potential buyers.

“Buyers only know what they see, not the way it’s going to be!
-Barb Schwarz


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