Could I Be A Packrat??

A “packrat” by definition is someone who is unable to part with items of little practical use or value.
Case Studies: Lois and John
ADD patterns common in packrats
INDECISION-what to keep, what to discard…Do I donate? Recycle? Trash? Indecision alters quality of life by keeping us trapped or repeating the same cycle in regard to keeping things we don’t need… this leads to paralysis in healthy function in our homes or at work and can affect relationships with those closest to us.
INACTION-avoiding taking action to resolve your clutter unless forced to do so due to a certain circumstance. You’ve lost an important document, your family is coming to visit or perhaps its so bad, youre facing eviction from your apartment.
UNNOTICED-not realizing the clutter is there. My collections of mail, papers, books, shoes, plastic bags…(or anything else you can think of) have been there for so long…. I kind of forgot they were there!
AVOIDANCE- leads to procrastination and incomplete projects. Poor time management, distraction or a busy schedule lead to multiple “starts” to projects. We have great intentions but projects are left undone or incomplete.
IMPULSIVE-I want it! I need it! I don’t have it! That’s it, I’m buying it. NOW!! Not stopping to think about whether the purchase/decision I’m making will truly benefit me or my family. Impulsivity often leads to regret.
OVERWHELMED- interests in multiple things, too little time, trouble prioritizing. I LOVE to refinish furniture, cook all organic meals for my dog AND I’m creating a scrap books for all 3 of my children! Shifting from one interest to another can create undue stress, chaos and pressure. Trying to juggle multiple interests may even prevent someone from participating in any of the activities they enjoy.

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