Goal Setting

Setting specific, attainable goals is key to achieving the most important things in our lives. Being goal oriented helps to keep us on track and focused. Goals help us arrive at our end point with success. We don’t stop at simply setting them. We actually meet them. We do this by setting small, daily, maintainable goals. Keep a written record of the tasks you wish to accomplish. Use the NOTES section or an APP your smart phone. Chose the option that works best for you. Don’t get caught up lots of color coding or details. That can be overwhelming and cause more disorganization.
Separate the tasks by category- work, finance, kids, personal ext. This will help you see on paper, what your priorities are and how you can accomplish them each day. It’s a balanced approach. Simply note your tasks for the day to better accomplish them. What a wonderful feeling to be able to check those boxes off! Items that are not completed for that day will be transferred to the next day you are feasibly able to accomplish them. A goal list keeps us accountable to what we most value. It can be a guide for our day and our lives. We avoid overwhelm and burn out by maintaining balance and not allowing the business of our lives to run us ragged.
“When we know what we want, we are more likely to change our behavior to get it”
Dr Daniel G Amen

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