How to avoid anxiety triggers

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is scary and overwhelming. It produces a variety of thoughts and feelings, many of them uncomfortable. So how does one avoid the anxiety? Stay in close contact with your physician or group of medical providers. Be proactive in learning about your medical issue. Speak with a therapist who can help you process uncomfortable emotions.
Certain medications, prescription and OTC can increase anxiety levels. Talk to your doctor about how these medications can affect your everyday life.
The words we speak to ourselves are powerful. They can sway us in positive or negative direction. Learn to refocus your self talk and determine healthy ways to express frustrations and emotions in situations you have little control over. Again, be willing to speak with a professional if you cant handle the anxiety on your own.
Stress leads us to do things we wouldn’t typically do. We might drink a little more, eat a little more or spend too much money as an outlet when we are stressed. Addictions and unhealthy behavior lead to anxiety. Learn coping mechanisms from a therapist and be proactive about maintaining your stress levels.

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