Philippians 3:12-21….

Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal….
Forget past failures. This is not easy, but a constant review of our past failures destroys our peace and progress in moving forward. Living in regret steal our joy. Instead, move on and make a promise to do better. Determine how you can improve your reactions to others or yourself and put it into action.
Strive for your best, not perfection. We can get caught up in trying to do things perfectly. This causes stagnation. If you struggle to start a project because you don’t think you can do it well, start small. Ask for support from family or friends and keep a list of what you’ve achieved along the way.
Take hold of your purpose. What is your life plan? How do you believe your best gifted? Its best to use the gifts you were given. This is where our passion and best selves live.
Forget the regrets!

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