managing holiday decor

1) What would you say is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to organizing/storing holiday decor? (I’ll tell you mine: Wasting storage space on things I don’t even like because I feel bad getting rid of gifts!)

You’re correct! The number one mistake people make when it comes to organizing and storing holiday décor is wasting space with items they no longer need or want. Sentimental things are the hardest to part with. But let’s face it, the decorations we once loved may no longer appeal to us so why use that precious storage space on things that are no longer meaningful. Take the time to separate what can be discarded, donated or sold before you pack your holiday decor away.

2) Ornaments are the big one when it comes to Christmas. Do you have any tips for keeping these safe and organized?

To keep fragile ornaments safe, place them back in the boxes they were purchased in. If you no
longer have them, use clothing gift boxes with tissue paper tucked around the ornaments. Place
the boxes in water proof, airtight storage bins. Group like items such as tree ornaments or grandmas
Christmas village and label each bin with the items you’ve stored.

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