How to Organize Your Mind…

suggestions to declutter your mind and keep yourself on track to productivity.
Seek the challenge- find something you enjoy, that’s stimulating but that isn’t so difficult that it precipitates frustration or anxious feelings.
Learn to control your emotions-control how you react to situations. You cannot control your feelings in regard to something that happens but you can control how you react. Undealt with emotions can have a tremendous affect on us in all aspects of life causing stress, burn out and lack of focus. All of these reactions to our emotions can lead to a decline in our productivity at some point.
Maintain focus-work at focusing on the task for at least 20 minutes until you’ve created a “flow and focus.” Turn other electronic devices off. Step away from social media and shut the door to your office so you can concentrate on your project.
Take rest breaks- have you hit a wall? Reached a dead end in your thoughts? Its time for a break. Get lunch, walk the dog or call a friend. Separate yourself from the project or task and then return feeling refreshed and ready to continue.


Clothing tips

Simple tips to keep your clothes in good condition
Use sturdy hangers, avoid metal hangers
Remove plastic covers from the dry cleaner from clothing
Hang dress shirts and tops, avoid hanging cotton T shirts that will stretch
Hang pants by the cuff to prevent wrinkles
Store underware, socks and bras in a drawer and use a drawer divider
Bras should be aligned so cups can maintain their form
Read the clothing care label for proper care directions

If clothing becomes stained, torn or damaged, recycle it! Use old shirts as cleaning cloths or dust rags. Donate used clothing to your childrens school for use in art classes or school projects.
And cherish those items you love and wear them well!

Tips for Overcoming anxiety…


Go ahead and follow your dream. Don’t regret NOT doing what your heart desires. Honor your gifts and abilities. Here are some suggestions for overcoming some of the anxiety associated with following your dream.

Take time for yourself. Meditate, pray, read or exercises. Participate in activities that reinforce connections with your higher power and with yourself.
Create stability. As much as its possible, stick to the same daily schedule…at least during the work week.
Listen to what your body tells you. Is it time to rest? Is it time to eat something healthy? Do you need time with friends to relax and zone out for a bit?
Identify goals. Write them down. Why do you have these goals? How will ypu achieve them? Allow yourself some leeway to alter or change your goals and keep an open mind in regard to them.
Keep record. Journal your thoughts and ideas in regard to that dream and look back over what you’ve written. Track how far you’ve come in attaining it or perhaps realize its no longer what you desire.
Be confident and believe in yourself. Talk up your idea to supportive friends and family and let them encourage you to keep going.

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.
-Ralf Waldo Emerson

a quote to ponder….

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” -George Bernard Shaw

What does this quote make you think? How does it apply to your current situation? What type of progress have you been wanting to make but are finding it difficult to change your mind set?

Changing our view point on a particular issue, especially one we have had for a long time is a big challenge. Once we have decided to allow the change of view to come into place,  we are faced with how to take action on it which can be an equally difficult task. I think its important to let others breath truth into our lives. What do our close family and friends say about our change of heart? How can they help us navigate new pathways so that we can make the changes we feel are necessary? We need support. That support may come through a self help book, some encouraging words from a friend,  a helping hand from someone who understands or even a firm challenge to our pride. But in the end, isn’t that what makes us the people we want to become? What is life if we aren’t constantly growing, changing and being challenged to become something greater then we were yesterday.

As scary as change is for me, I don’t want to miss out on what’s next by sitting by the wayside stuck in my old patterns of thinking and getting no where. I know what that’s like and it ain’t fun. But I also know I cant do it on my own and so I look for those who are willing to come along side me and I’m thrilled and honored when I have the chance to do the same for them….

5 Kitchen storage tips for everyone.

Nest food storage containers by the lid and the container individually and stack on a shelf or large kitchen drawer.
Install larger kitchen appliances in an appliance garage. Have an electrician place an outlet in the garage to easily operate your appliances without having to move them very far.
Use the multi tier shelving in a corner cabinet to store canned and dry food goods.
Use small and medium sized bins for storing snacks and other smaller, lose items in your pantry. Place small bins on low shelves where they are easily accessible for kids.
Utilize drawer dividers for less frequently used utensils or cooking tools. Dividers will stop the tools from sliding around in the drawer.

Happy Cooking!!


A few tips on how to organize your pooch supplies….

“The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.” -AKC

I think I can agree with that quote…at least sometimes 🙂 So you can’t forget to give your doggie a little ORGANIZED love. Here are some times to keep that puppy stuff neat and tidy…

Create a zone for all your pets stuff…leashes, harness, collars, medications, treats, brushes, jackets…you name it! Collect all the items you have and store them in a basket or on a shelf in the laundry room or pantry. Keep leashes and waste bags on a hook near the door where you enter and exit for walks.
Store dog food in a tub or large, sealed container located where you feed your pooch. If your dog sleeps in your room, keep a space under the bed and tuck it under when you’re having company. Look for great baskets and bins of all styles at Marshals HomeGoods for storing dog toys.
Keep all your pet documents such as records of vaccines, summary of vet appointments or registration of your pet in a file folder. Store pet carries in an accessible area of the basement or storage closet.

A how to guide on Self-care…


“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self -indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.” – Audre Lorde
Self-care is defined as the necessary human function under individual control, deliberate and initiated by one’s self. Self- care is the action one takes to care for one’s own physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. Self-care quickly takes a back seat when life gets busy or is stressful. However, it’s in those times that self-care is most important. Here are some self- care ideas for the days you do have a few moments to yourself.
Physical-Move that body! Pick a form of exercise you enjoy whether its walking, biking, running or rollerblading. Get out there and enjoy an activity on your own or with friends.
Emotional-Be alone with your thoughts for a time each day. Journal, hike through the woods or go to a scenic, serene location where you can clear your mind.
Spiritual- Seek the divine. Meditate. Having the presence of God in your life is a powerful way to find peace and contentment in all areas of life.
Mental-Listening to positive, uplifting speakers, pastors or motivational podcasts is a great way to become more of the person you want to be while gaining insight and understanding.
Self- care helps us stay in tune and connected with ourselves, our Creator and with others. By first caring for ourselves, we are then able to care for and love others in the way God intended. And, we are happier and more contented in the day to day functions of life.


Simple tips on how to have contentment in life…


Allow GROWTH in your life to live it to the fullest.
Accept what is. ACCEPTANCE leads to peace.
Let go of the past and LIVE in the present.
FORGIVE…your mom, your neighbor, your life and yes, yourself.
TRUST that life is full of possibilities even when it seems life isn’t treating you so well.
There is power in GRATITUDE and giving thanks for all we have everyday.
Use your mistakes and failures as LEARNING tools to improve upon your future.
Realize we cannot control other people or allow them to steal our JOY.

“Get busy living or get busy dying” -Shawshank Redemption

Give me some structure!

In order to succeed at something we all need a little motivation right? One way to experience success is by maintaining structure in our daily routine. Life is crazy and busy. Many things grab our attention during the course of a day which can end up causing us to be distracted. We end up limiting ourselves from meeting our goals due to multiple kinds of road blocks and self sabotage. But here are a few suggestions on how you can break the pattern you’ve been stuck in.
Make a decision about the goal you want to achieve. Put it on paper. Why do you want to achieve this goal? List the specifics of how this will add benefit to your life.
How will you meet the goal? What are the steps to get there?
Start a daily ritual (preferably in the morning) that will encourage you to meet your goal. Get excited about it and remain consistent with this morning routine.
Make time in your daily schedule to begin accomplishing your goal.

Bernadette Logue


Packing tips…

Don’t you hate when you forget to pack all your hair products, under ware or worse your toothbrush! Or maybe you’re like me and you over pack ending up with a suitcase full of clothes you’ll never wear while you’re on vacation. Here are a few tips to reduce your stress and keep you organized.
Make a packing list a few weeks before your scheduled trip. This is your first and most important step. Creating a list in advance allows you plenty of time to find or purchase the items you need. Store all the items in the same place and check them off your list as you collect them.
Pack outfits you can mix and match. Stick with the same colors like black red and gray. You will require fewer accessories and shoes this way as well.
Use compression bags or small packing compartments. These minimize the amount of space items will require in a suit case and allow you additional room to bring all your special souvenirs home.
Be sure you are familiar with the Transportation Security Administration’s regulations. For example, liquid items such as shampoo must be kept in a 3.4 ounce bottle or smaller and stored in a zip loc bag. Items stored in larger bottles will be confiscated.
Happy Travels!